High Hopes Founder
Micheal L. Jefferson

   Leadership Training and Mentoring is What We Do

 We are a registered 501 (c) (3) organization devoted entirely to improving the lives of our nation’s and the world’s youth. We provide mentor training, leadership training, lively and thought provoking school lectures, workshops, school assemblies, gang intervention and more.

The leader of our organization is a retired U.S. Army Ranger who has dedicated his life to helping children and youth throughout the entire world. His broad knowledge, skilled leadership and lively presentation style has captivated audiences all over the world.

We understand that society cannot improve unless average adults in every community are capable of providing leadership to youth. That is one reason we are so proud of our leadership training and mentor training programs.

We are spreading the message of normative culture—where the “norm” is to do the right thing for your fellow man and woman. We are change innovators who desire to bring forth the leadership qualities in every member of society. Our mission is to present a better way of life to those less fortunate and bring positive change to every society and culture.

Micheal Jefferson Consulting welcomes opportunities to address:

·         Youth Organizations

·         Elementary, Junior and senior High Schools

·         Businesses, big and small

·         Colleges

·         Conventions

·         Retreats

·         Keynotes

·         Church Organizations

Micheal accommodates audiences/assemblies sized from classroom to thousands.

Time: Up to three hours per assembly (x2)

Keynote address length … will accommodate.


“Our society is changing! Students today face more challenges than ever before. We would like to thank you for personally volunteering to serve as a mentor to a young person. Your help is needed to support the students of today who will be our future leaders.”

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